Blue River

Blue River MapThe Blue River comprises the largest watershed in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, and covers parts of both Kansas and Missouri. The headwaters are located in Johnson County, Kansas, south of Olathe where Coffee Creek and Wolf Creek come together in Stanley to form the Blue River. The Blue at that point, runs northeast, passing through Martin City and then continuing north to the Missouri River. Other metro area streams that flow into Blue River include Brush Creek, Indian Creek, and Tomahawk Creek. Several parks run adjacent to the Blue River including Swope Park, where the River runs through the Kansas City Zoo.

The Urban Water Monitoring Network comprises three sites on the Blue River. The uppermost site is located at Kenneth Road and 159th Street. The Middle site is located at 95th Terrace and Blue River Road in Kansas City, MO (near the former DOE complex at Bannister Road). The final site is located off of Coal Mine Road, just to the east of 47th and Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard. Urban land use (developed) for the watersheds above each monitoring site is 41.1%, 29.6% and 15.5% for the lower, middle and upper watersheds, respectively. Percent impervious cover is 20.0%, 16.8% and 4.3% for the lower, middle and upper watersheds, respectively.

Due to access problems (i.e., steep rocky banks), Site 2 has been moved to the Byram's Ford Civil War Crossing just south of the 63rd street, off of Manchester Trafficway Terrace. Sampling at Bryams's Ford Crossing began in fall 2009.

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