Brush Creek

Brush Creek MapBrush Creek is a classic urban stream and has a long history. It originates in watersheds located in Prairie Village, Country Side, Mission and Roeland Park, and flows north-northeast until heading due east through the Country Club Plaza until it connects with the Blue River. Brush Creek is one of the most highly urbanized and modified streams in the metropolitan area. Urban land use (developed) for all three watersheds above each monitoring site approaches nearly 100% for all of the sub-watersheds with percent impervious surface cover of cover is 27.6%, 34.0% and 27.3% (Sites 1, 2, and 3).

The Urban Monitoring Network consists of three sites on Brush Creek. Site 1 (the downstream site) is located downstream of State Line Road in Kansas City, Missouri near Ward Parkway and 51st Street (across the street for Pembroke Hill School). Two additional sites are located upstream in Johnson County. The middle site (Site 2) is located downstream of the Belinder Avenue bridge in Mission Hills. The upstream site (Site 3) is located immediately downstream of the Tomahawk Road bridge off of Mission Road near the Prairie Village Shops.

Brush Creek Station 1 Brush Creek Station 2 Brush Creek Station 3