Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek MapCedar Creek originates in the Olathe area and has both Olathe Lake and Cedar Lake in its headwaters. The stream flows north under Kansas State Route 10 (K-10) through mostly agricultural land prior to discharging into the Kansas River. Cedar Creek represents a watershed that is beginning to see moderated development with urban land use (developed) for the watersheds above each monitoring site of 30.4%, 43.8% and 30.1% for the lower, middle and upper watersheds, respectively. The associated percent impervious cover is 10.5%, 16.3% and 10.8%.

The Urban Monitoring Network consists of two locations on Cedar Creek and one on Little Cedar Creek near the confluence of Little Cedar Creek and Cedar Creek. Site 1 (the downstream site) is located downstream of K-10 off of Cedar Creek Road in a mostly rural watershed. Two additional sites are located upstream. The middle site is located on Little Cedar Creek adjacent to 119th street. The final upstream site (Site 3) is located just downstream of the 127th bridge and below the influence of Olathe Lake.

Cedar Creek Station 1 Cedar Creek Station 2 Cedar Creek Station 3