Coffee Creek

Coffee Creek MapCoffee Creek is located in the southernmost part of the metropolitan Kansas City area. Coffee Creek originates to the west of Ridgeview Road a once rural area, now on the fringes of suburbia. The creek flows east past Heritage Park picking up discharge from the lake in the park and continues eastward through mostly rural land prior to joining Wolf Creek and forming the headwaters of the Blue River. The watershed surrounding this creek is one of the least developed in the Urban Monitoring Network with urban land use (developed) above each monitoring site in the sub-watershed of 17.3%, 18.5% and 16.0% for the lower, middle and upper watersheds, respectively. The associated percent impervious surface cover is 4.4%, 5.1% and 4.8% for the three sites.

The Urban Monitoring Network consists of three locations on the creek. Site 1 (the downstream site) is located upstream of Switzer Road in a mostly rural part of the watershed. Two additional sites are located upstream, the middle site located on Coffee Creek just of Quivira Road (Site 2) and the most upstream location (Site 3) near Pflumm at Heritage Park.

Coffee Creek Station 1 Coffee Creek Station 2 Coffee Creek Station 3