Indian Creek

Indian Creek MapIndian Creek is a stream that is part of the greater Blue River watershed and originates as a small stream south of 159th Street near Ridgeview Road. It continues northward and northeast through Overland Park before bending eastward near 103rd Street. It joins with Tomahawk Creek near Mission Road and College Boulevard, and then continues east until it joins the Blue River near Bannister Road.

The Urban Monitoring Network consists of three sites on Indian Creek. The most downstream site (Site 1) is south of 103rd Street between Conser and Marty Streets. The middle Site (Site 2) is located near 119th Street and Quivira Road. The final and most upstream site (Site 3) is located near Lackman and 127th Street.

Urban land use (developed) is 91.0%, 85.8% and 91.1% for the lower, middle and upper watersheds, respectively. Percent impervious cover for the lower, middle and upper watersheds is 24.2%, 18.6% and 15.8%, respectively.

Indian Creek Station 1 Indian Creek Station 2 Indian Creek Station 3