Jersey Creek

Jersey Creek MapJersey Creek originates near 36th and Everett, just north of State Avenue in Kansas City Kansas. It has an associated watershed of approximately 3,500 acres and flows west until 22nd Street before bending north to Parallel Avenue (in this area it becomes channelized). It follows Parallel, bending southeast at 7th street. Two tunnels take it underneath 9th street, and again from 3rd to the Missouri River.

The Urban Monitoring Network consists of three sites, all located in the unchanellized portion of Jersey Creek. The downstream site is located near 29th and Freeman (Site 1). The other two sites are located upstream near New Jersey Avenue and Tennyson Street (Site 2), and 36th and Freeman (Site 3).

Urban land use (developed) for the watersheds above each monitoring site is near 100% for all three watersheds. Percent impervious cover (i.e., cement & roof tops) is 32.0%, 31.3% and 39.2% for the lower, middle and upper watersheds, respectively.

Jersey Creek Station 1 Jersey Creek Station 2 Jersey Creek Station 3