Line Creek

Line Creek MapLine Creek is a major waterbody in one of several watersheds north of the Missouri River. The Line Creek Watershed is an approximately 20 square mile area in southwest Clay and southeast Platte counties. Line Creek is fed by three major tributaries: East Fork of Line Creek, Old Maids Creek, and East Creek. Line Creek flows from just slightly north of Barry Road all the way to the Missouri River. The area east of Line Creek above its confluence with East Fork Creek is relatively undeveloped. The north area adjacent to Line Creek is extensively developed primarily with single family and multifamily residential uses. Stormwater enters Line Creek as overland runoff from fields, gullies, and crossstreets. Line Creek flows south for another half-mile before the confluence with Old Maids Creek. The topography in this area is relatively flat. This area is developed and undergoing more residential development. Most of the water in this area enters the stream as runoff from roads, parking lots, roofs, and neighborhood yards.

The Urban Monitoring Network comprises three sites on Line Creek. The uppermost site is located at 60th street at the north side of Frank Vaydik Park. The middle site is located further south behind the ball fields also in Frank Vaydik Park. The downstream site is located adjacent to Holmstead Park in Riverside, Missouri.

Urban landuse (developed) for the watersheds above each monitoring site is 64.3%, 62.1% and 61.5% for the lower, middle and upper watersheds, respectively. Percent impervious cover for the lower, middle and upper watersheds, is 20.5%, 19.4% and 19.5%, respectively

Line Creek Station 1 Line Creek Station 2 Line Creek Station 3