Turkey Creek

Turkey Creek MapTurkey Creek is a classic urban stream with its headwaters originating just south of 87th and I-35 in Lenexa, Kansas, flowing north until it passes under Interstate 35 near 87th Street. From 87th Street, the creek flows towards downtown following I-35 (which was constructed in the Turkey Creek floodplain). The Creek passes under the 7th Street Trafficway and bends northward toward the I-35 passing under the Interstate through a tunnel where it connects with the Kansas River. All of the watershed is urbanized with the middle and lower portions of the stream heavily modified and channelized. Urban land use (developed) for the subwatersheds above each monitoring site are near 100% with associated percent impervious cover is 37.4%, 37.9% and 48.3% (Sites 1, 2, and3).

The Urban Monitoring Network consists of three sites on Turkey Creek. The downstream site (Site 1) is located at the Mission Road bridge in Rosedale. The middle site (Site 2) is located upstream of the Lamar Avenue bridge and the upstream site (Site 3) is located downstream of the 75th Street bridge.

Turkey Creek Station 1 Turkey Creek Station 2 Turkey Creek Station 3