One of the key elements behind is the power of providing data regarding water quality in a single location in a transparent and easily accessible format. While this makes sense for water quality data, it also makes great sense for other types of information from news, to ways to actively get involved, to studies and documents that may be use to those concerned with. To that end has grouped information into three major categories

Provides an updated calendar of water-related events in the Kansas City metropolitan area as updated by partners. If you have additional events you would like to include, you may provide information here. has gathered together several RSS news feeds that provide information on issues of water and the environment. Others will be added in the future as they become available.

Over the past, years and decades significant work has been undertaken in the Kansas City Metropolitan area generating a wealth of information relating to water quality, infrastructure, restoration, and protection. hopes to serve as a clearinghouse providing either the documents or links to information.

KCWaters introduces a new method for enjoying local waters with geocaching.

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