Kansas City Area Real-time Urban Stream Network

Building upon the Kansas City Urban Stream Network, EPA is working with the USGS and local partners to establish a real-time monitoring network in the Kansas City area that would provide real-time water quality data. The United States Geological Survey has pioneered an innovative approach for estimating bacteria concentrations based on basic water quality parameters. An example of this information can be found for Indian Creek at State Line Road here.

As part of this project, EPA will be collected paired e-coli and turbidity samples over the course of 2010, to develop a dataset sufficient to establish the necessary relationship. The results of these samples will be available by clicking on any one of the KC Urban Stream Monitor locations on the metro area map, and then clicking on the link called 2010 Bacteria Sampling. Note these results were in most instances taken at another location on the stream itself, at the potential locations of the future real-time sites.

When the real-time sites have been established and are on-line, an additional mapping interface will be added that provides data from these locations as well as others operated by USGS throughout the metropolitan area.

To learn more about bacteria click here. For the results of bacteria sampling conducted during 2010 click on one of the following streams: Line Creek, Shoal Creek, Blue River, Tomahawk Creek, Little Blue River, Coffee Creek, Mill Creek, Brush Creek, and Turkey Creek.

Bacteria results from previous years (once per year) may be found by accessing the metro area map, click on the monitoring station and then clicking on water.